Assassin8or is a merecenary. He helps many heroes along with villians.

Early LifeEdit

Assassin8tor was playing out in the feilds when he was called home by his father. His father told him his family was sick and destined to die in thirty days. Desperate to find a cure Assassin8tor joined the institution of Superhero Sceince. Eventually Assassin8tor learned the true purpose of the institution for Superhero Science they studied superheroes to create a weapon that could defeat all superherose. He did many studies for them out on the feild of superhero weaknesses, he fought some of the most legendary heroes Including The Lamp and FMIR.

The WeaponEdit

Assassin8tor eventually became the weapon to destroy all superheros. He fought The Lamp again, Ball Boy, The Human Army the cyborg, UnDerArMouR and The Zombie. Assassin8tor was eventually marked to be executed and was saved by the Doctor of Death, and The Nurse of Doom. After they saved him Assassin8tor turned on them and killed them all.

The 30th DayEdit

On the 30th day Assassin8or had multiple jobs. One for El día D. He fought El Coyote and won but secretly let El Coyote go. Once El día D learned of this he attack Assassin8or, who escaped.