La Coyote's father was a Hispanic banker. He was killed when La Coyote revealed his true identity, but when Varken used his spell and weaved through the fabric of time and restored La Coyote's Dad's life. Then La Coyote's dad and mom were killed when half of the world blew up.

Early LiveEdit

La Coyote's dad orginally worked in a carnival, He originally had a love intrest with La Coyote's mom. But at this point she was dating Señor Ocho Brazos. Though, La Coyotes' Dad warned her, she thought he was jealous.

Becoming a HeroEdit

One night La Coyote's dad was on a walk when he saw Señor Ocho Brazos running to La Coyote's mom's house with a gun. La Coyote's Dad stalked Señor Ocho Brazos and when he made it to her house he defeated him. Señor Ocho Brazos escaped but stop criminal activity.


A few years later La Coyote's Dad and Mom married. La Coyote's Dad continued to fight crime, but La Coyote's mom kept getting worried and he eventually stoped and calmed down. La Coyote's Dad and mom live happily until another problem arose.

A ChildEdit

La Coyote's mom eventually gave birth to La Coyote. Throughout school La Coyote was popular and a good student. Though their were many problems with his childhood. Being popular, La Coyote got bullied quite alot, and sometimes got in trouble.

Taking on the family nameEdit

At age of 23 La Coyote became a wrestler. While his parents were watching his match for the Strongest Man in the World award, they got kidnapped. La Coyote saved them and decided to fight crime.

1st DeathEdit

When La Coyote revealed his identity a assassin killed La Coyote's dad and severally injured La Coyote's Mom. However, La Coyote found Varken who used a spell to bring his dad back, heal his mom and have everyone forget his secret identity.

2nd DeathEdit

A few years later Señor Ocho Brazos layed a bomb in the center of the earth, despite all La Coyote's efforts to defuse the bomb, it blew up but only destroyed half of the earth. Sadly, La Coyote's dad and mom were both killed.